Régate des pieds gelés

The 'Frozen Feet Regatta' is held each year in mid-December to round off the sailing season. We are grateful to G Dubouil for an account of the race and these photos. (Click on each thumbnail to see the full sized picture).


Wind WNW variable, force 2-3

The Race

An excellent, cheerful turnout. 27 boats and boards on the water with 41 participants, including several from neighbouring clubs ASN Perros, Trébeurden, Louannec. Ile Grande and Treégastel - but also several early risers who made it all the way from Saint jacut, Plérin, Saint-Brieuc and Saint Quay Portrieux.

Contestants sailed two laps in the baie de la rade de Perros, and would have liked to sail a third one if the falling tide had permitted. In any case, some contestants stayed out just for fun until the last minute.>

Claude Dubouil was race officer and Maurice Meudal was in charge of rescue. The one woman contestant, Bénédicte Boiron-Layus from Trébeurden, crewed a catamaran to win the coupe de la ville de Perros-Guirec.


Sailboards. 6 started.

  1. Michel Cleran - CMV Saint Brieuc
  2. Christophe Dauriac - EVM Louannec
  3. Mickael Eon - BN Ile Grande
  4. Olivier Billard - CN Trégastel
  5. Antoine Botrel de l' ASNPerros

Catamarans. 6 started.

  1. Olivier Soufflet - EV Trébeurden
  2. Michel & Killian Roux - EV de Trébeurden
  3. Vincent Mazé & Daniel Peron - EV de Trébeurden
  4. Hervé Gelbon & Bénédicte Boiron Layus - EV de Trébeurden
  5. Alexandre Talabradon et Benjamin Roux - EV de Trébeurden
  6. Olivier de Bryre & Mathieu Dugenet - CN Saint Jacut

Dinghies. 16 started.

  1. Patrice Gault & Erwann Ferelloc - BN Ile Grande
  2. Guillaume Cubier & Mathieu Crehan - BN Ile Grande
  3. Eric Reitzer du CN de Plérin
  4. Alain Botrel & Pièrre Yves Boitard - ASN Perros
  5. Yves Dumergue - CN de Plérin
  6. Pascal Anselmo & Marc Masson
  7. Eric Langeberteaux - CN Plérin
  8. Pascal Claeyssen - CN Plérin
  9. Wilbein Reitzer - CN Plérin
  10. Laurent Grimaud & Ramzy Abbes - BN de l'Ile Grande
  11. Eric Loarer & Antoine Albaret - SR Perros
  12. Etienne Vincent - YC de Trébeurden
  13. Yann Nerriec - YC de Trébeurden
  14. André castelli & Sébastien Huet - CN de Trégastel & SN Saint-Quay Portrieux
  15. Guillaume & Gwenolé Menguy
  16. Aurélien Guillou & Ludovic Carlier - YC de Trébeurden

How about entering yourself next year?